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Arlington Cemetery Co 2900 State Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 19026, 610-259-5800

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Joseph T Garrity

DOD: 7/7/2018 Section Melrose   

June Walker VanTassell

DOD: 2/1/2018 Section Sunnyside   

William J Faust

DOD: 7/6/2018 Section Bethany   

Paul R. Vacek

DOD: 7/8/2018 Section Melrose   

Dennis J. DeLutis

DOD: 7/10/2018 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Maritza Shamlian

DOD: 7/10/2018 Section Bethany   

Flora M. McCloskey

DOD: 7/6/2018 Section Toppitzer Funeral Home   

Sarah D. Strain Wiggins

DOD: 7/3/2018 Section Bethany   

Gertrude V Edwards

DOD: 6/29/2018 Section Hillview   

Robert J Welsman

DOD: 6/30/2018 Section Woodlawn   

Helen Ruth Noren

DOD: 6/26/2018 Section Lawnview   

Alice T. Williams

DOD: 6/28/2018 Section Lawnview   

John J. Nicholls

DOD: 6/14/2018 Section Warfield Memorial   

Maria Rosa Merlo

DOD: 6/29/2018 Section Garden Mausoleum   

Martha C. Wyche

DOD: 6/27/2018 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Edward A. Woodring

DOD: 6/27/2018 Section Hillview   

Harry N. Dagessian

DOD: 6/26/2018 Section McKay   

Kjell H. Christiansen

DOD: 6/26/2018 Section Avon   

Nancy Weldon

DOD: 6/23/2018 Section Toppitzer Funeral Home   

Lee Graves

DOD: 6/19/2018 Section Colonial Gardens   

Herbert C. Hays

DOD: 3/13/1992 Section Lansdowne   

Mary M. Hays

DOD: 3/5/2009 Section Lansdowne   

Steve a.k.a Sarkis Stepanian

DOD: 6/20/2018 Section McKay   

Peter E Earle

DOD: 6/6/2018 Section Garden Mausoleum   

Patricia M Powell

DOD: 6/16/2018 Section Sunnyside   

William A. Lista

(Obituary Available)
DOD: 4/13/2018 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Theresa P. Stathacos

(Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/4/2018 Section McKay   

Arthur Khatchadrian

DOD: 6/15/2018 Section McKay   

Elizabeth V Sweeney

DOD: 6/15/2018 Section Grove   

Philip W Seeley

DOD: 6/7/2018 Section Melrose   

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