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Lloyd Alexander

(Prominent Author - Children) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/17/2007 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

David B. Allen

(Hot Air Balloonist) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 10/04/2007 Section Colonial Gardens   

Harry Balukjian

(Nuclear Engineer, a member of the NRC) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 06/29/2016 Section Avon   

George W, Jr. Barnett

(Philadelphia Policeman Killed In The Line of Duty) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 11/28/1910 Section Silverbrook   

Henry C Bartleson

(Civil War Veteran; Physician)
DOD: 1/29/1922 Section Melrose   

Urbanus E. Jr. Baughman

(Chief of the Secret Service 1948-1961)
DOD: 11/6/1978 Section Silverbrook   

George Bausewine

(Major League Baseball, Umpire & Chief of Police) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 7/29/1947 Section Lawnview   

Blake Harper Beatty

(Beatty Lumber Company) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 9/5/1957 Section Avon   

Dr.Edward H Bedrossian

(Local Opthamologist) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 1/15/2006 Section Lansdowne   

Hugh W Bellas

(Scientist, Chemical & Nuclear Engineer) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/15/2008 Section Lansdowne   

Kenneth Edward Blanchard

(Korean War Vet, Inventer, Patent Holder) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 1/10/2013 Section Lansdowne   

Henry Blank

(Titanic Survivor) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/17/1949 Section Melrose   

John R Boehringer

(Inventor, Biomedical Engineer, Patent Holder) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/5/2013 Section Grove   

William A Bonsall

(1948 U.S. Olympic Gymnast, WWII POW, Escaped, Awarded Bronze Star) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 2/21/2015 Section Lansdowne   

Elizabeth H Broomall

(Hannum Family Descendant)
DOD: 11/7/1928 Section Sunnyside   

Taylor F Broomall

(Civil War Veteran; Broomall Family Descendant)
DOD: 4/15/1925 Section Sunnyside   

F. Sands Brunner

(American Illustrator) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 4/21/1954 Section Lawnview   

William W Bundick

(WWII Veteran)
DOD: 1/18/1957 Section Lansdowne   

Joseph M Carlson

(Major League Baseball)
DOD: 2/24/1991 Section Hillview   

John J Clements

(Major League Baseball) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/23/1941 Section Lawnview   

William D Cobb

(Lyricist ; Composer)
DOD: 5/13/1931 Section Sunnyside   

Theophilos Constantinidis

(Local Businessman) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 01/19/2008 Section McKay   

Paul D Courtney

( WWII Veteran; USMC)
DOD: 9/8/1944 Section Lawnview   

Montford Cross

(Philadelphia Phillie. Participated in 1905 World Series)
DOD: 6/21/1934 Section Lansdowne   

William A Crouse

(Medal of Honor- USN Spanish American War)
DOD: 6/27/1941 Section Sunnyside   

Lajos S Csiszar

(US Fencing Hall of Fame)
DOD: 2/20/1997 Section Greenwood Gardens 1300    

Samuel Worthington Dewey

(Mariner and Politician 1807-1899)
DOD: 6/9/1899 Section Silverbrook   

James W Dunn

(Local Physician) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 10/6/1987 Section Avon   

Seneca Egbert

(WWI Veteran; Physician) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 12/6/1939 Section Lansdowne   

Setrak Ejdaharian

("Voice" of Philadelphia Boxing)
DOD: 09/25/2014 Section McKay   

David John Feldbaum

(Original American Bandstand Dancer) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 06/25/2012 Section McKay   

John Foxhill

(US Army WWII Veteran) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 2/1/1945 Section Sunnyside   

Keya M Graves

(Journalist; Chips Quinn Scholar) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 6/23/2003 Section McKay   

Aux. Mary S Hallowell

DOD: 4/10/1943 Section Greenwood   

Charles Harris

(Harris Monument)
DOD: 8/28/1914 Section Sunnyside   

Enon M Harris, Sr.

(Civil War Veteran, Guarded Lincoln) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 10/24/1908 Section Silverbrook   

Dorothy B Hill

(Upper Darby Teacher; Activist; Historian) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 2/29/1996 Section Avon   

Russell Leroy Hopping

(Rocket Designer, Scientist, Patent Holder) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 4/15/2009 Section Sunnyside   

Walter H Huntzinger

(Major League Baseball)
DOD: 8/11/1981 Section Avon   

Joseph T Imbruglia

(WWI Veteran) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 4/23/1970 Section Avon   

Benjamin F James

(US Congressman)
DOD: 1/26/1961 Section Sunnyside   

Harutune S Jenanyan

(First Armenian Priest in Philadelphia)
DOD: 9/27/1907 Section Melrose   

Mary E Joyner

(Sibling of Hunley Submarine Crew Member)
DOD: 5/30/1925 Section Lansdowne   

Mihran K Kassabian

(Radiology Pioneer)
DOD: 7/12/1910 Section Melrose   

James Keleshian

(WW II Vet, Received Legion of Honor Medal) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 02/26/2013 Section Bethany   

James, MD. J Kelly

(Decorated WWII Vet and Physician) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/8/2010 Section Greenwood   

Nelson Kershaw

(Local Mill Owner)
DOD: 1/24/1939 Section Melrose   

Karnig Kevorkian

(Armenian Philadelphia Groong Newspaper Editor)
DOD: 1/23/1972 Section Sunset   

Baldwin L Keyes

(Decorated Military Surgeon; WWI; WWII) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 6/6/1994 Section Avon   

Albert H Krause

(Wood Carver of the "Wanamaker Eagles")
DOD: 10/31/1961 Section Avon   

Harry A Kuljian

(Nuclear Engineer and Philanthropist)
DOD: 11/2/1974 Section Woodlawn   

Flora Y Kurkjian

(Opera Singer)
DOD: 1/13/1982 Section Greenwood   

David Landreth

(Early American Horiculturalist)
DOD: 08/23/1836 Section Silverbrook   

Donald W. Sr. Leavitt

(Marine- Served in Anartica under Adm. Byrd and Korean War) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 11/5/2009 Section Grove   

Mary P Lee

(Civil War Volunteer Nurse)
DOD: 08/06/1893 Section Silverbrook   

Norman H Leonard

(WWI Soldier)
DOD: 10/3/1918 Section Greenwood   

George C. Linthicum

(World War II
Battle of the Bulge, Bronze Star
) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 03/02/2008 Section Sunnyside   

Howard S Lohr

(Major League Baseball)
DOD: 6/9/1977 Section Sunnyside   

Alan G MacDiarmid

(Nobel Prize Recipient) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 2/7/2007 Section Lansdowne   

John Freeman Mackie

(Medal of Honor) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 6/18/1910 Section Melrose   

Sherwood R Magee

(Major League Baseball) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/13/1929 Section Sunnyside   

Albert Magnin

(Civil War Vet., PA. State House Representative) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/18/1906 Section Melrose   

Martin Hunter Mallory

(Portraitist to U.S. Presidents) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 08/07/2014 Section Lawnview   

Hunter R. Marion

(Businessman & Photographer) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 01/10/2008 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Mary E McConnell

(Victim of the "Gorilla Man" Serial Killer)
DOD: 4/29/1927 Section Lansdowne   

Dennis McNamara

(Upper Darby Police Officer) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 1/30/2002 Section Sunnyside   

Albert F Miller

DOD: 8/19/1945 Section Lawnview   

William H Milliken

(US Congressman) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 7/4/1969 Section Bethany   

Kimmerle C. Milnazik

(Artist; Illustrator)
DOD: 03/03/2006 Section Avon   

John R Mooney

DOD: 2/26/1945 Section Hillview   

A.Wilson Morton

(Descendant of John Morton)
DOD: 2/25/1976 Section Lansdowne   

Annesley N Morton

(Descendant of John Morton)
DOD: 5/19/1932 Section Lansdowne   

John Morton

(Descendant of John Morton)
DOD: 12/19/1993 Section Lansdowne   

Annesley N Morton, Jr.

(Descendant of John Morton)
DOD: 12/2/1970 Section Lansdowne   

Margaret M. Murdoch

(First Woman Mayor of Upper Darby Township) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 02/09/2011 Section McKay   

Kenneth Myers

(Olympian Sculler)
DOD: 9/22/1972 Section Lawnview   

Harry M O'Neill

(Major League Baseball; WWII Veteran) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/6/1945 Section Sunnyside   

Joseph M Pratt

(US Congressman)
DOD: 7/19/1946 Section Woodlawn   

Joseph F, Jr. Quirk

(Renowned WWII Vet instrumental in D-Day success.) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 11/21/2010 Section Avon   

Morris C Rath

(Major League Baseball) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 11/18/1945 Section Lawnview   

Emma M Ridgway

(Sibling of Hunley Submarine Crew Member)
DOD: 5/12/1924 Section Lansdowne   

Ruth Robinhold

(Pioneer in Women's Rowing) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 12/13/2012 Section Sunnyside   

Martha E Rosso

(Charles Dickens Authority) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/8/2003 Section McKay   

Frederick Rowles

(British War Medal, Royal Engineers,Sapper #WR/600631) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 4/12/1958 Section Lawnview   

Albert Rundbaken

(Retired FBI Special Agent) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 04/26/2008 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Ruth Malcomson Schaubel

(Miss America, Miss Pennsylvania 1924) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/25/1988 Section Melrose   

Theo F Schmidt

(Medal of Honor)
DOD: 6/6/1925 Section Woodlawn   

Brad Schoener

(Music Man of Upper Darby) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 3/19/2009 Section Melrose   

Elizabeth Duff Schogol

(Award Winning Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 06/24/2012 Section Hillcrest   

Marc J. Schogol

(Award Winning Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 5/27/2007 Section Hillcrest   

May C Seeley

(Garrett Descendant)
DOD: 8/21/1956 Section Lansdowne   

Furman Sheppard

(19th Century two term Phila. District Attorney)
DOD: 11/03/1893 Section Lansdowne   

Albert E Smith

DOD: 2/19/1985 Section Grove   

Carson W Stewart, Jr.

(Kit Kats band member)
DOD: 7/2/2001 Section Bethany   

Edgar A Tennis

(Grand Master of Masons)
DOD: 12/20/1943 Section Lansdowne   

Carol A. Turkington

(Professional Writer) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 12/22/2007 Section Sunnyside   

John H Tyson

(WWI Veteran ; Upper Darby Educator)
DOD: 2/10/1974 Section Sunnyside   

Jonathan Umholtz

(Hotel Proprietor; Local Merchant)
DOD: 5/20/1918 Section Silverbrook   

Peter S Vosbikian

(Businessman; Inventor)
DOD: 2/8/1971 Section Bethany   

George T Wadas

(Upper Darby Aide) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 9/11/1940 Section Melrose   

Philip R Wahl

(Vietnam Service Medal Recipient & Purple Heart) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 11/9/1967 Section Lawnview   

Thomas F Walsh

(WWII Veteran; Architect; Professor) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 10/20/2002 Section Sunnyside   

Elwood P Wheaton

(Major League Baseball)
DOD: 12/11/1995 Section Lawnview   

Edwin S Williams

(WWI Soldier)
DOD: 9/15/1921 Section Avon   

Burton M. Woskoff

(USAAF-WWII D-Day, distinguished decorated Veteran) (Obituary Available)
DOD: 05/04/2008 Section Monticello Mausoleum   

Haig Y Yardumian

(Pioneer of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Philadelphia)
DOD: 8/24/1933 Section Silverbrook   

Jacob Young

(Civil War Veteran; Fire Chief; Hotel Owner)
DOD: 3/18/1900 Section Sunnyside   

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