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Mausoleums are stately enclosures recognized throughout the ages as grand declarations in memorializing family members. Arlington Cemetery is renowned for the handsome architecture of its mausoleums that feature stained glass windows, and private places of prayer.

Today, mausoleum crypts are available and affordable to most everyone, and Arlington has two of the finest public mausoleums in the area. A mausoleum crypt is a clean, dry, and dignified alternative to a traditional ground burial. It also eliminates some of the difficult decisions that must be made.

The Garden Mausoleum is our first public mausoleum. Families can choose between crypts for full entombments and niches for cremations. It was designed with wrought iron gates identical to those still swinging at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia. Washington and other Revolutionary War figures opened those original gates and prayed at that very church. The variety of trees surrounding the mausoleums continues the park-like tradition at Arlington.

The Monticello Mausoleum is nestled among meditation gardens and contains both indoor and outdoor crypts and niches. The design recreated essential aspects of the original Virginia home of Jefferson. Passersby will enjoy brass chandeliers that sparkle through the windows of the central dome. Centered under the dome is an authentic bronze bell — a piece worthy of its place in history. It was cast in the foundry of another American hero — Paul Revere. Originally made for a church in Vermont, the bell remained there until it was moved to Pennsylvania. The tolling of this bell represents life, death, freedom, and eternity for each of us as it has in the past for our country. It is a beginning and an end. The bell rings once during a burial in the mausoleum.

Private Family Mausoleums are for those who want to preserve their family's history in a dignified and personalized way. A private mausoleum is the one piece of property that really will be in your family forever. We have many sights available for family mausoleums and our representatives can assist you in selecting a lot as well as designing a mausoleum that will reflect your family's heritage.

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